Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is WigTrader Free?

A. Yes! WigTrader is 100% free and doesn’t charge sellers a listing or transaction fee.

Ad Promotion: WigTrader offers in-app "Promotional" purchases to allow you to feature your listings. It's an optional feature that we added to help users who want to draw extra attention to their listings.

2. How do I log-out of my account?

Go to the "Profile Preview" tab under the main menu and select the gear icon on the top right. The "Settings" page will appear. Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the logout icon.

3. Does WigTrader have a Windows Phone or Kindle Fire app?

A. The WigTrader app is currently available only on Android and iOS. If you have a Windows Phone or Kindle Fire, you can use the WigTrader website through your phone’s browser to find listings near you, post listings, chat with buyers and sellers and sign up or log into your account.

4. Does WigTrader issue refunds?

A. WigTrader provides an online platform where users advertise and buyers search for hair related products and services. However, the interaction and negotiations between buyers and sellers are the sole responsibility of the parties involved.

5. Where can I view my listings in the mobile app?

A. Select the "Profile Preview" tab under the main menu.

6. Why did the app crash when listing an item?

A. You will need to always make sure the address to you insert comes from the search bar. When selecting the “Set Location” tool, sometime Google sets the location not the address.

7. Can I sell my nature hair from my head?

A. Yes, you can sell your nature hair on WigTrader.

8. Why can I only sell hair related items on WigTrader?

A. WigTrader is a niche marketplace that focus on the growing hair industry. At the moment we would like to grow the marketplace community with hair and beauty related items. Continue to monitor the “Accepted Items” list for newly added categories.

9. Why am I blocked from using WigTader?

A. Our system may have blocked your account for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Posting items that are on the prohibited items list
  • Not following the Rules that are outlined in our Terms & Conditions

If you believe you have been mistakenly blocked, please contact us so we can review your account and take appropriate action.

10. How do I delete my account?

A. We certainly don’t want to see you go, and we’d love to know what we can do to improve your WigTrader experience. Please click here and shoot us an email with your comments, as we read them all and use them to make our app better!

If you've made up your mind about deleting your account, our Customer Care team can take care of your request. In order to verify you're the account's owner, we need you to log in to WigTrader and send us your request to permanently delete your account through the contact form in the app.

11. How many products can I list on WigTrader?

We want Personal Sellers, Entrepreneurs, Shop Owners and Wig Makers to list all there great products

12. How do I edit my listing or my location?

A. You can edit your listing by going to the specific listing and select edit at the top. You also have the ability to edit your location so it can be more general, like Dallas, Texas USA.

13. How do I edit my profile?
Want to change your profile settings? No problem!

1. Go to your profile

2. Tap the wheel icon

3. Change your photo, name, username, language or password

4. Save your changes

14. How do I create a Make an Offer listings?

A. When you are creating a listing, do not select Giveaway, Exchange or Fixed Price. This will active the “Make an Offer” button and allow the buyer to submit an offer.

15. Can I block another user from contacting me?

A. Open the chat and go to the top right. Click on the three round dots and select the option “Block.”

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