WigTrader Marketplace

Why WigTrader?

Can you identify with one of these situations?

•   Your closet and bathroom is filled with hair or wigs - some of which you might haven’t even worn yet.

•   You are bored of your own dull hair style and looking to add some magic to your life.

•   Maybe you have even already spotted the exact hair style you are looking for and want to create an exchange with a seller who offers the hair of your dreams.

•   You want to start your own business selling hair and beauty products.

•   You are trying to generate some extra cash by selling your hair or hair related products, as you heard that your particular natural type of hair is in demand right now.

•   You want to donate your hair to people in need like cancer patients or alopecia sufferers.

If so, WigTrader is the place you were looking for.

About WigTrader Marketplace

The marketplace was developed with all of these thoughts in mind. A place where like-minded individuals can come together and buy, sell, giveaway and exchange all things hairy.

WigTrader was founded by Montina in 2017 - a woman who has gathered experience in buying and selling hair online for over 15 years. Her love for fashionable hair styles and wigs prompted her to develop the FIRST and only buy-and-sell classified marketplace for pre-owned wigs, beauty items and other hair-related products.

But that’s not all: Montina wanted to create a platform on which people who have lost their natural hair due to tragic circumstances can seek help. If you are willing to donate, please visit the respective listing feature to give your hair, wig or hair products to people in need. Anyone can create an account for free and add their new or pre-owned products to the marketplace within minutes.

Try now!

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